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I'll take you through my editing process, showing you how I achieve consistent whites and natural skin tones across my galleries.

_MG_9375 raw.jpg

Sooc iso 200 f.2 1/800 sec

_MG_9375 camera raw edit.jpg

Adobe Camera Raw Edit


Final Edit in Photoshop

Learn how to add depth to your images, create warm gorgeous skin tones, and clean whites.

But first, let's get it right in camera!

Getting it right in camera first will make your editing life way easier, and who wants to spend more time editing than we need to? 

I'll give you a few tips for free.

Unlike colours, whites rely on having enough light. I have 12 60cm x 60cm LED lights across one wall in my 3m x 3m studio. My wall of light creates a lot of light. Without enough light , you will struggle to have a bright enough background. When you have a really dark background, you often end up having to overly brighten the background in Photoshop, which never looks quite right.  My lights go all the wall back to my wall, but they don't have to. I have lit my space this way because I like my space to be evenly lit. I am often asked if I use fill light, no I do not. I like my shadows.


Does this mean I can position my subject anywhere? No. Positioning your subject far away from the light will create flatter lighting, which will create flat blah photos. You want to keep your subjects close to the light. They'll have more natural contrast and deeper shadows. 

Light and shadow is what gives our subject definition and helps tell a story. It's what for me can make or break a photo. Light and shadow is so important when using whites, as there isn't any colour to hide the bad lighting. And Photoshop should not be used to fix bad lighting.

And lastly, don't forget to set your custom white balance. I use a grey card, but you can also use an expodisc. This step is so important! Nobody likes to guess!

Fave presets and actions for editing?


Smal presets -

GTG Newborn II -

Family as Art -

Let's say no to flat boring blah photos, and transform your photography.

Let's get started!

Sign up for a 60 min online mento
ring call.

Cost - $300 AUD

How does it work?

- Online Mentoring calls take place over Zoom. 
- We will go though everything that you are struggling with most and what you would like to get out of the mentoring session.
- I will edit two - three phot
os of your choice live for you to see how I edit step by step by sharing my screen during the Zoom meeting.
I will show you a quick edit on a photo of mine so you can see what my photos look straight out of camera and then edited. 
- We will go through lighting, camera settings and shooting fund
amentals to improve your photos straight out of camera, so can you achieve the wow factor you want.
-I will also show you some proof galleries so you can see exactly what poses and variety I achieve when working with white as a little bonus!
- I'm an open book, so if you have any questions about how to run my sessions, wrapping newborns, photographing older bubs etc, this if your chance to ask.

Payment is made via Square or Bank transfer

Sign me up!

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