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Client Welcome Guide



I am so excited to take this journey with you to photograph your gorgeous growing family!

Why I do what I do...

Newborn and baby photography is incredibly close to my heart. It's such a short time in our babies lives, and its crazy how quickly our babies change. When I started newborn photography I knew I wanted to focus on what I truly wanted to remember about my own babies. As a mother I knew that by really capturing all that is special about babies and the connection their families have with them, with leaving out all the unimportant stuff was the way to go. In turn I created a session style that is true to me and adored by every parent that comes to me to capture their beautiful growing family.


Nothing to wear for your session?


I've got you! I have many beautiful dresses for mums and little girls in different sizes available to wear for sessions. I even have a few boys outfits! I like the session to be as worry-free as possible. All outfits are figure flattering and match the all white sessions perfectly!



What do expect and how to to prepare for your session.

Hi! I'm Emma your Melbourne newborn photographer and I am so excited that you are here! With your little one's special day on the way, and a photography photo shoot around the corner, everything can get a little overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. I have listed everything you need to know about how to prepare for your session and what to expect.

1. Dress bub in a button up romper without a singlet so we disturb bub as little as possible. We all know babies hate getting undressed, so let's make this process as stress free and comfortable for baby as possible.


2. Try to feed bub just before the session, but if you run out of time, or bub just isn't having it you can feed bub upon arrival. I actually really love when mums have to feed their bub at the start of the session as it gives us a chance to chat about all things new baby!


3. Babies feed more frequently during sessions, so be prepared to feed bub 2-3 times while you are here.


4. I have a client wardrobe with a stunning range of dresses in different sizes for mum, I also have outfits siblings, rompers for toddlers dresses for little girls up to size 6. If you prefer to wear your own clothing please dress in white or neutral tones as it pairs best with my all white studio space.


5. My home studio gets quite warm, so make sure you wear light clothing so that you are comfortable. If you dress for the winter you are going to sweat your ass off!


6. If you are open to using a dummy, I 100% recommend bringing one. Sucking naturally calms and relaxes baby by lowering their heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Using a dummy when posing is incredibly helpful as it relaxes and comforts baby.


7. Newborn photography sessions go from anywhere between 2 and 3.5 hours, so make sure you haven't booked in anything too close to your session time. There is nothing worse than constantly looking at the clock and stressing about needing the session to end quickly so that you don't run late for your next thing.


8. Older siblings? See if you can enlist a family member to pick up your other children after they have had their photos so they aren't getting bored while I'm taking photos of your newborn.


9. Bring snacks for older siblings like sultanas and other non-messy foods. Little kids get hungry when they get bored.


10. My newborn studio sessions start at 10 am, so make sure you arrive on time so that we get the most out of your baby's sleep time.

11. Please come with clean nails as your hands will be in a lot of photos. Simple non-distracting nails are best.


12. The most important thing you can do is just relax and enjoy this uninterrupted moment with your baby. You can either watch, or scroll Facebook on your phone, whatever floats your boat! Leave the rest to me.



Pregnancy, a truly amazing experience. The start of your journey to parenthood begins when you fall pregnant, and so does this new chapter of your life. Capturing the story starts right here. 


I have a range of white dresses to fit different shapes and sizes that can be used during the session.

Partners and children are included. Please bring snacks for your children such as sultanas that they can eat while I capture images of you alone. 

Husband / partner dress in a white top and chinos. I have some dresses for little girls up to size 5, and some outfits for little boys under 4. Please discuss use of outfits prior to the session.



Dress in earthy, neutral tones as they really compliments the location. Wearing distracting patterns, matching outfits or clashing colours can really distract from your beautiful faces and the moment.

Family sessions are held at sunset and the sun disappears very fast, so make sure you arrive on time so we don't run out of light.

Try not to stress about kids being kids during the session, embrace their beautiful little personality and I will capture it. It's important that the children are happy and excited when they arrive to chat about what we are going to do before you arrive, make out it like its going to be so much



I absolutely love babies, they are just the cutest!

I absolutely love babies, they are just the cutest! I've always been a little obsessed with babies since I was a little girl. I love how at this age babies are so curious about the world around them, they are are always looking around and just taking everything in with a big wide-eyed stare. I love the big natural smiles that they give us that show us how genuinely happy they are. The chubby baby bellies, arms and legs disappear so quickly once babies start to crawl and walk, so its really special this little time in their lives, and its so so fleeting!


Baby sessions are shot from 3 months - 12 months of age, and done in my Endeavour Hills home studio in south east Melbourne just off the Monash fwy. Sessions are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Saturday Sessions incur a $100 fee. 

What do expect and how to to prepare for your session.


Baby sessions are ideal for babies 6-12 months of age. This session, like all my studio sessions is done in my Endeavour Hills home studio in south east Melbourne just off the Monash fwy, and goes for up to an hour. The session starts with some beautiful natural family portraits, then focusses on baby incorporating some beautiful wooden toys for your baby to play with and explore.


Please bring something that comforts your baby such as a lovie or dummy and dress them in a simple white legless onesie. If you don't have one, you can use one from my client wardrobe. I recommend you bring your baby's drink bottle, a snack, a clean nappy and comfortable clothing to change into after the bath. 

If you are joining your baby for photos, please dress in either white/ earthy tones/ soft florals, and avoid clothing with signage/ stripes/ pokadots. Please remember to come photo ready too and have clean neat fingernails.

If older siblings are joining in for a couple of photos, I will make sure to take those photos first, so that the older kids can just relax for the rest of the session. I recommend bringing a snack for them as well because bored kids are hungry kids.